National Science Week

National Science Week (14-22 August) is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. The school theme for National Science Week 2021 is Food: Different by Design, honouring the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

Food waste is a global issue and a major contributor to climate change. One third of all food produced is wasted each year. On average Australians waste 298kg of food each year. That is the same weight as six adult kangaroos. (see evidence).

Food is at the heart of OzHarvest, from feeding people in need, to creating positive change through education programs and inspiring others to fight food waste. Our work aligns with five UN Sustainable Development Goals and we’re committed to the national goal of halving food waste by 2030.
OzHarvest’s FEAST program was created from a belief that education is crucial if we want reduce food waste and build a sustainable future.

Check out all the events, science-related activities and recipes encouraging students to use scientific thinking in the context of food, to explore pressing issues relating food waste and its environmental impact.

Why not take the journey a step further? Sign up your school to FEAST. Register here and find out if your school is eligible for funding!

Science Week School Presentation - 20 aug

Tune in and learn from our FEAST team about the impact of food waste on climate change, the OzHarvest story and how we can design our food differently to create a sustainable future.
Suitable for upper primary and high school audiences.

Fruit skewers
Fruit Skewers

Feeling fruit-a-licious today? Make these easy but delicious fruit skewers. Did you know that sprinkling some -citrus juice over the fruit stop the fruit from browning?

How to make ricotta
Too easy Ricotta

Make your own ricotta! Reducing food waste by using up milk and watching a science process first-hand: mixing milk with an acidic ingredient like vinegar causes some of the milk proteins to curdle. Serve the ricotta with your hummingbird muffin or french toast.

French Toast
French Toast

Bonjour - we all love french toast! The eggs, milk and wholemeal bread are good protein sources. And it's a great way to use up stale bread.

OzHarvest Pumpkin & Tomato Quiches
Pumpkin & tomato quiches

Use leftover bread crusts and start cooking this delicious recipe. Check out the role eggs play in the baking process – they bind ingredients together, give strength and stability to the quiches.

quick pickle vegetable
Quick pickle vegetables

Did you know pickling vegetables extends the shelf life of food. A great way to preserve your food, test this science process in real life and save your veggies from going to waste.

Hummingbird Muffins
Hummingbird Muffins

We all love muffins! Did you know the self-raising flour starts the chemical reaction in the batter, creating bubbles and after baking make your muffin taste so fluffy? Serve the muffins with your self-made ricotta!

Design your foodprint
Design your foodprint

The food you eat impacts your health, the environment, animals and people, this I known as your foodprint. Investigate food production to reduce your food print. Research and present your findings.

Food Audit
Food audit

Undertake an audit of your fridge and fruit bowl at home. Find the fruit and veggies that often go to waste and think about ways you could avoid this.

Design a wasty recipe
Design a wasty recipe

Be creative, become a chef and come up with your wasty recipe that uses food that might otherwise be wasted. Enjoy your meal!

Let's fight food waste poster

Print this poster and inspire your school, friends and family to become food waste fighters. Do your bit and love your food!

Fruit & Veggie Bingo
Fruit & veggie Bingo

Play Bingo and learn about the fruit and veggie items on your card! Bok Choy, Zucchini, Peas and Rhubarb in a row? BINGO!

FEAST chatterbox

Did you know tomatoes are the most popular fruit in the world? Print out and fold your own FEAST chatterbox to reveal interesting food-facts and tips to reduce food waste!

Teaching Resource Book

The Food: Different by Design teaching resource book covers a broad range of areas in food production and sustainable agriculture, enabling students to explore different food related topics.

Crunchy Noodle Salad
Crunchy Noodle Salad

One of the old-time favourites: the FEAST crunchy noodle salad! Healthy, full of veggies and delicious! Try out this recipe and surprise your friends and family with this easy and yummie recipe.

Student Presentation with OzHarvest CEO & Founder Ronni Kahn AO

Watch this video to know more about our own change-maker, Ronni Kahn AO. Ronni is a passionate advocate and activist renowned for disrupting the food waste landscape in Australia. This webinar provides students the opportunity to listen to an inspirational thought leader. They will learn how our food choices can impact climate change and the role we can play to create a sustainable future.