“When you educate children, the positive change that ripples through the community is evident in the changes to everyday living practices at home.”

Mrs Alba, Learning and Support Teacher, Oxley Park Public School

The program has been a great success at our school. The kids loved the cooking and were able to engage in conversation about food waste. They were looking at ways to use up food at home without wasting it. The teachers said it was the best program the school had done to date.

Marinda, Parent, Banksia Road Public School

What I like about the FEAST program is a lot of it can be modified to suit the needs of my class, there is so much great content and variety.

Rasha, Teacher, Lakemba Public School

Before FEAST came to our school I never really cared about where the food went when I threw it out … and now I do.

Ifra, Student, Lakemba Public School

Since beginning the FEAST program I’ve noticed a huge change in my students at school and a lot of the kids are talking about how they are trying out new recipes at home.

Teresa, Teacher, Lakemba Public School

The self-esteem and confidence of the students increased dramatically since participating in the FEAST program. I now have students telling me they want to be chefs and work in health when they finish school.

Serena, Teacher, Belmore South Primary School

My students had great fun learning about food waste, creating their own recipes and getting stuck into the hands-on cooking activities. Interaction is a great way to get results and FEAST is a fantastic example of this.

John, Teacher, Belmore South Primary Schools