Little Food Festival 2023

The Little Food Festival is a family-friendly event that happens every April at Federation Square in Melbourne. The festival combines education, exploration, creativity, combatting food waste, and healthy eating. The event is brought to you by Founding Partners Sandro Demaio Foundation, Monash University and Fed Square.  

Of course, the OzHarvest team wasn’t going to miss out on this event! Our bright yellow van, volunteers, and staff members welcomed hundreds of young people and their parents and guardians to our OzHarvest FEAST patch at Federation Square. 

We welcomed visitors and told them all about our FEAST program. To keep the little ones busy we had a Fight Fruit Waste game set up in which they each had a plush toy piece of fruit. They had to make their way through a maze of possible sites of food waste – a personal favourite of ours was ‘You left me in your school bag, and I went mushy!’ – until they safely reached the end and turned their fruit into a cake, snack, or smoothie! 

Each day, FEAST hit the spotlight on the main stage with local primary school students from Mt Eliza Primary School and Doveton College cooking live on stage. The student chefs created colourful recipes in front of hundreds of people, alongside the one and only COSTA! They gladly gave tips for fighting food waste and shared their highlights of doing the FEAST program. Their Crunchy Noodle Salad was eye-catching and jam-packed with tasty, chopped vegetables, and their peach parfaits were layered in tall glasses topped with colourful fruit skewers and edible flowers. 

A huge thank you to our wonderful, good-natured volunteers who always make OzHarvest events friendly and educational! 

We’re looking forward to next year already!  

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