Register School

We would love to have your school join us in our journey to fight food waste. Register your interest in FEAST by filling out this form and one of our FEAST team members will get in touch shortly to provide you with information about how we can support your school to deliver our programs.

OzHarvest is pleased to be able to offer funding to cover resources and equipment for eligible schools. A FEAST team member will confirm eligibility after receiving the registration form.

If you’re not a school representative, we encourage you to mention the FEAST program to your local primary or high school. We also have great resources available for parents and carers. Have a look at our “FEAST at home” resources and activities.

Do you want to be involved implementing FEAST in your community? Contact gro.t1685916491sevra1685916491hzo@t1685916491saef1685916491 and sign up as a FEAST Ambassador to help your local school during the cooking sessions and inspire future change-makers.