Cooking in the Classroom


The essential ingredients for learning are having fun and being engaged! FEAST helps you achieve this by getting students immersed in creativity and hands-on cooking in the classroom.

By ordering the FEAST Kitchen Kit and electric frypans, students have all the utensils to start cooking a range of simple, healthy and delicious recipes designed by nutritionists.

Cooking together in the classroom promotes social inclusion and feelings of wellbeing, which can enhance a sense of belonging with students of any age. Our team can arrange for a FEAST volunteer to visit enrolled schools (where possible) to assist with practical lessons.

Check the content of the FEAST Kitchen Kit.

How-To Videos

From learning how to crack and whisk an egg to how to measure ingredients and
understanding knife safety, we have developed a set of short videos to help you and your
students master essential cooking skills using the materials provided in the FEAST Kitchen Kit.


How does the program cater to different eating preferences?

Encouraging children to eat healthy food is a global issue and FEAST embraces different food cultures and tastes. We suggest that if students are vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan, they can choose to explore, cook and create recipes with specific ingredients to suit their preferences.

Is a kitchen required to teach the practical part of these lessons?

You don’t need a kitchen to teach the FEAST cooking lessons! All meals can be prepared in a classroom setting however,we do recommend purchasing the kitchen kit to have all products and tools available.

Is there any support available for the practical sessions?

A core component of the FEAST program is to engage your local community to partake in the FEAST program by inviting parents, caregivers, local sports teams, local high schools and community groups to support the cooking classes. It is a great way for them to get engaged and continue learning at home.

When you sign up to the FEAST program, we’ll provide you with a template letter you can use to send out to parents, carers and families to invite them to help during the practical sessions. So many wonderful volunteers have provided support to schools in the past and truly love being part of the FEAST program.

OzHarvest also has volunteers and ambassadors who are willing to support the FEAST cooking classes. Please reach out to us directly if you would like support during your practical classes.

How do I support students experimenting with cooking equipment and techniques?

Regular cooking classes can be built into your FEAST program using the recipe ideas provided by OzHarvest. These recipes are not part of the unit of inquiry; however, they have been integrated into the lesson plans available on the OzHarvest FEAST web portal and will help you support students to develop food preparation skills and techniques and support the use of the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.

We have developed a set of short videos to help you and your students master essential cooking skills using materials provided in the FEAST Kitchen Kit. These ‘how-to’ videos are available in the “Cooking in the classroom” page of our website.

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