FEAST STORY – St Ignatius’ College Riverview

Together with many of the FEAST schools, OzHarvest has been agile in their response to ensuring continuing education so no child misses valuable learning experiences.

We would love to share the impact the FEAST program has in some of our wonderful schools. Since education is crucial in transforming lives, the FEAST program inspires students to eat healthy, waste less food and become change-makers in their local community! Recently we have updated our FEAST program to be available online and easily adaptable for teachers while they’re being challenged by the constantly changing school environment.

St Ignatius’ College Riverview is an impressive example of rolling with the changes and how to be agile. The school was able to implement the FEAST program with the assistance of a Commonwealth Bank of Australia Grant and completed FEAST in Term 2 May & June of 2020. Year 6 students started FEAST in the classroom, continued learning at home during school closures, but luckily the students were able to cook their grand finale back in the classroom! Stage 3 Teacher Jacqueline Cleary loves the program and her students also love the program, “When we heard schools were closing, I thought they can do the theory with me and can do the cooking in their own kitchen. And that is exactly what they ended up doing.” It was amazing to see all the photographs of the cooking the kids did at home.” Our school newsletter is unbelievable every week, everybody wants to see what is going on with the FEAST program.”

Sunday night Peach Parfait

Sunday night Peach Parfait

“Hot skewers” by FEAST students

“Hot skewers” by FEAST students

Ms Cleary even got sent photos on Sunday night of a ‘fancy family dinner’, one of her students made the Peach Parfait as dessert. Having said that, the Peach Parfait was one of her class’ favourites! A perfect example of how the FEAST program inspires kids to eat healthy, waste less food and become change-makers. “I had parents emailing me saying their kids are making bread, their kids are washing up, their kids are asking about things and telling them not to throw away the skin of fruit. It had such an impact on the school as well!”, says Ms Cleary.

“I used to think food waste was not a major issue or problem, but now I think that food waste is big and that we all should eat and use all our food as it wastes everything!”, says Year 6 student.

98% of the students said they want to do more cooking in the future. “Making the rainbow rolls, bircher muesli, tzatziki and fruit skewers were cool as I know now some cooking skills and how we can save food!”. Students even submitted photos of their fruit skewers under the title ‘Hot skewer!’ (see photo of student holding fruit skewer including red chill).

Thanks to St Ignatius’ College Riverview!

And don’t forget to have a look at their amazing Cookbook: “Fill bellies – not bins” and get inspired by all the delicious, healthy & easy recipes created by our chefs from St Ignatius’ College Riverview.

Schools cookbook

Cookbook - Fill Bellies - Not Bins

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