FEAST at home

Continue learning about healthy eating and reducing food waste at home with these fun, hands-on activities. Learn all about reducing your foodprint, be creative in the kitchen with food that would otherwise go to waste and learn about safety and hygiene when preparing food. FEAST at home documents are editable so there's no need to print them.

Getting hungry? Start cooking with your kids at home with these simple but delicious recipes. Check out the cooking videos with FEAST Ambassador Colin Fassnidge and his two daughters and download the recipes to get cooking at home. Encourage creativity and challenge your kids to think about food waste, sustainability and cooking in a new way!

Do not forget to let your local primary school know about the FEAST program to help inspire future change-makers. Download and share our FEAST Digital Brochure with your school - don't let this opportunity go to waste!

Do It Yourself Use It Up Tape

Create your own Use It Up tape to help you save food, save money and save the planet!

Food Safety hygiene - FEAST at home resource 1
food safety and hygiene

Editable document. How do we safely prepare and eat our food? Safety and hygiene are very important especially when preparing and eating food. Learn more and inspire your friends and family by designing a poster.

FEAST at home - how to reduce your foodprint
How to reduce your foodprint

Editable document. The food you eat impacts your health, the environment, animals and people – this is known as your foodprint. But how can we reduce this? Research and present your findings in a creative way!

FEAST at home - food audit and wasty recipes
food audit and wasty recipes

Editable document. Undertake an audit of your fridge and fruit bowl at home. Find the fruit and veggies that often go to waste, and then get creative! Think of your own recipe to use up the fruit and veggies.

FEAST at home - guess how much sugar
guess how much sugar

Editable document. We all like to eat sweet foods such as cake, biscuits and ice cream. But this is not really healthy, so it’s important to learn more about sugar and how much sugar there is in products we like.

FEAST at home Swap and switch
Swap and switch

Editable document. Eating the right food is so important to stay fit and healthy. Learn about the five food groups and identify the healthier options in this activity and ... swap and switch!

FEAST at home - storing food safely
Storing food safely

Editable document. Storing food correctly can make it last longer, but it does not all go in the same place. Learn how and where to store your food to avoid food waste!

OzHarvest Van
Create your own OzHarvest Van

Who doesn't want to have their own iconic OzHarvest van? Print and design your OzHarvest van. Is it going to be yellow and what food have you rescued today? We would love to see the result!

FEAST chatterbox
FEAST chatterbox

Did you know tomatoes are the most popular fruit in the world? Print out and fold your own FEAST chatterbox to reveal interesting food-facts and tips to reduce food waste!

grow sprouts image
Grow your own Sprouts

Follow these simple steps to grow your own sprouts at home and you will be able to add these superfoods to your sandwiches or salads in no time!

Fruit & Veggie Bingo
Fruit & Veggie Bingo

Play Bingo and learn about the fruit and veggie items on your card! Bok Choy, Zucchini, Peas and Rhubarb in a row? BINGO!

Poster - Let's fight food waste

Print this poster and inspire your kids to become food waste fighters. Let's fight food waste - do your bit and love your food!

FEAST brochure
Get FEAST in your school

FEAST is a curriculum aligned primary school program. It inspires kids to eat healthy food, waste less and be change-makers in their communities. Get your local primary school involved by downloading and sharing our brochure. Don't let this opportunity go to waste!

Food Waste Explained - Infographic

Food waste is a huge contributor to climate change, and it’s wasted across the whole supply chain, from farm to fork! This infographic explains the impact of food waste on our planet and what we can all do about it!

Bircher Muesli
Bircher Muesli

A fuss-free and healthy breakfast? Use your leftover fruit as a delicious topping and you make even make it the night before!

French Toast
French Toast

Bonjour - we all love French Toast! The eggs, milk and wholemeal bread are good protein sources. And it's a great way to use up stale bread.

Watermelon Pizza

Decorating your own pizza? Try our Watermelon pizza that provides plenty of fibre and healthy fruits!

Tzatziki dip with vegetable sticks
Tzatziki dip with vegetable sticks

Packed with essential nutrients, the tzatziki dip makes a tasty and protein-rich way to sneak extra veggies into your day!

OzHarvest Pumpkin & Tomato Quiches
Pumpkin & Tomato quiches

This recipe is a fun way to use leftover bread instead of pastry. And the pumpkin can easily be substituted for any other seasonal vegetable.

Cheesy zucchini fritatta
Cheesy zucchini fritatta

We all love cheese! This recipe contains good sources of calcium and a great way to use up forgotten veggies!

OzHarvest Fast Veggie Fritters recipe
Fast Veggie Fritters

We love veggies! You can use any type of vegetables or herbs you like for these fritters, so it’s a wonderful way to stop old vegetables going to waste.

Wholemeal Pita Pizzas
Wholemeal Pita Pizza

Get cooking at home with this simple, easy and delicious recipe.
Who doesn't like pizza?

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Be creative with our old time favourite - spaghetti bolognaise. Add your leftover vegetables or lentils for a healthy, rich sauce.

Making FEAST Fruit Skewers

FEAST Ambassador Colin Fassnidge and his two daughters Lily & Maeve are making FEAST fruit skewers. So easy and healthy! Watch the video and download the recipe to make this at home!

Cooking FEAST crunchy noodle salad

The FEAST crunchy noodle salad, one of the favourites! Chef Colin, Lily and Maeve are showing how much fun it is to make this healthy dish. We challenge you to make this at home, watch the video and download the recipe and get cooking!

Cooking FEAST Fast Fritters

Watch and learn how to make FEAST Fast Fritters. A great way to use up veggies that might otherwise go to waste. FEAST Ambassador Colin and his sous chefs Maeve and Lily will show you how! Download the recipe and watch the video. Good luck!

How to use a Box Grater
How to use a box grater

Learn how to safely use a box grater and how to hold the fruits or veggies. Remember, you don’t have to peel them and waste the skins as they are full of nutrients!

How to crack and whisk an egg
How to crack and whisk an egg

Cracking and whisking eggs can be messy business but following these steps will help make it a lot easier.

How to knead and shape dough
How to knead and shape dough

Expand your cooking abilities by learning how to knead and shape dough and create the perfect dough for bread, pizza, tortilla, or even sweet pastries.

How to measure ingredients
How to measure ingredients

Using various utensils, learn how to measure wet and dry ingredients to make tortilla dough. Measuring is an important process as it helps our recipes turn out the way we want them.

Knife safety
Knife safety

Learning how to use a knife safely keeps us all safe in the kitchen. In this video, learn how to hold, carry and use a knife. Remember, never carry a knife pointing out or run while holding a knife.

Knife Skills
Knife Skills: Chopping, Slicing and Dicing

Now that we know how to safely hold our knives and ingredients, let’s get chopping, slicing and dicing different vegetables and fruits.

Food Waste Explained

Food waste is a huge contributor to climate change, and it’s wasted across the whole supply chain, from farm to fork! This animation is a great way to explain the impact of food waste on our planet and what we can all do about it!